We'll miss you Barry.

Barry Lakeman, one of the Regulars, of the Six O'clock Swill, has passed away.

Barry was in the first Six O'clock Swill as Morley in On Story and was a part of many other Swill productions. He last performed in the Swill as Joey in the Magic and the Mercury. He was always a great collaborator and friend.

Our condolences to his family,

the Six O'clock Swill crew

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The Six O’clock Swill is an exciting seasonal series of plays held at Wellington’s funkiest bar the Mighty Mighty, where a programs of short plays and an improvised comedy are presented for your entertainment – all for the bargain price of $10 or $7 for Fringe card holders/GCCers. Read on for information about our upcoming shows, previous shows, and everyone involved.

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 If you are a writer, director, or actor, drop us a line using the "Contact" link above.  We're always looking for collaborators and new plays to produce.

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> "Night Light"
> 2 females - one 40+, the other 18-22yrs
> "Umbilical Cord"
> 2 females - one 40+, the other 14-19yrs
> For scripts and further details, and audition appointments please contact Mary at mary_chris@xtra.co.nz or Simon at simboy@xtra.co.nz

David Allen's team is looking for actors to join his team for this weekend's 48 Hours competition (starting Friday May 8th).  Contact him ASAP at 272010289 if you are interested.

Here are some techniques to try.  Some items on the list naturally lead on to other items on the list, like following reviews in a newspaper might lead to researching a particular playwright.

  • ask all directors, actors, and playwrights you know if they have anything short and that might work for the Swill
  • put a call out to things like the Big Idea, New Zealand Playwrights Association, etc.
  • track what is going on in other places via online newspaper reviews/blog posts and other theatre specific websites - see related web links for specific ones (pathetically The Dominion Post and
Jackie Shaw.



Throughout her time at Otago, she completed papers in Theatre, Performing arts, Dance, Film and Media along with History, giving her opportunities to explore and expand on her passion for the arts.

In her first year of studies in 2005, she was a lead role in a Mothra Film entitled ‘Run Paddy Run’ and at the end of the year was awarded the ‘Recognition of service to the Arts in Arana Hall’, before heading back to Queenstown to be a part of the local ‘Christmas in

Poster for February 2009 Fringe Six O'clock Swill.

The Swill is back for its second Fringe Festival with three terrific plays.Poster for February 2009.

Ron Bobby Had Too Big a Heart by Rolin Jones

Amy and Anya are pissed; Cindy Dillingham got voted Prom Queen. And Ron Bobby has been unfaithful. What to do, what to do. Oh, what's that on your prom dress Amy?

With Emma Barnett, Mia Gaudin and Jackie Shaw. Directed by Phil Darkins


The Magic and the Mercury by Rolin Jones

Joe is depressed and itching

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Ron Bobby Had Too Big a Heart 1.

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