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LOVES COMEDY(making an ass of himself) likes drama(CRYING IF NEEDED< FREAKING OUT ON DEMAND)can be serious(this is where true focus comes in...?) watch out here he comes(seriously because he is not paying attention and someone could get seriously injured!) no really i'm not kidding))

Born april 18, 1976 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.  Raised in Wichita, Kansas till the age of 13.  Where he started acting in primary school all the way through Highschool in Corpus Christi, Texas.  At the age of 20 he left to persue a career in acting in Los Angeles, California.  After one year there he decided it was time to travel and went to live in Italy for 6 months and then San Francisco. He continued his career in San Francisco staring in Tv shows and tv commercials.  He decided to go back to school at San Francisco State University for 1 year then took off for London in search of a more serious education at an acting academy.  On his journey looking for schools he met a New Zealand girl and fell in love.  He got a scholaship to The Academy of Drama at Whitechaple, lived in London and studied there for 1 year.  Returning to the States.  He continued his career with great success in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Joining traveling Improv troops,  Filming many commercials, Movies,  and Tv show guest appearances.  He finally got married to his NZ love and had a child.  His wife insisted on raising her children in NZ.  David could not say NO!  So 7 months ago he maid the journey here to Wellington where he currently resides, now with two children(must be something in the water down here)!

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First Names:David, Micheal
Last Name:Allen
Place of Birth:Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Date of Birth:April 18, 1976(easter sunday)