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A rundown on plays, directors, and casts for the October 2007 performances.

Coming soon to the Mighty Mighty - 104 Cuba Street, Wellington!!

To kick off the Six O'clock Swill on the 10 & 11 October, we are presenting the following theatre for your viewing pleasure:

COW - By Jo Randerson*
Director - Gene Alexander

Dad - Phil Darkins
Mum - Lorraine Ward
American - Melissa Billington
Beth - Marnie Thompson
Policeman - Ben Fransham
Louisa - Kate Conaglen
Girl - Jasmine M'Nijel
Farmhand - Jon Devine
Collector - Jessica Manins
Gerry - Nathan Green

ON STORY - By Bill Wrubel
Director - Steven Whiting

Arvin - Ben Fransham
Betsy - Jennifer Thompson
Nick - Phil Darkins
Ken - Walter McGinnis
Warren - Daniel Price
Morley - Barry Lakeman

Director/Facilitator - Derek Flores

Jessica Manins
Phil Darkins
Jennifer Thompson
Thom McGrath
Melissa Billington
Ben Fransham
Walter McGinnis

Keep checking this blog for more updates, info and gossip about the Swill!

* By arrangement with Playmarket - Cow was originally commissioned by the Young & Hungry Youth Theatre through support from Creative New Zealand.

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The lineup for October

Start Date:2007-10-10
Start Time:18:00
End Date:2007-10-11
Frequency:Wednesday and Thursday
Street Address:the Mighty Mighty, 104 Cuba Street
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