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A guide to editing records in Kete and how to report inaccurate or offensive material.


Kete is developed collaboratively by our community. Topics, and items too, can be edited by registered users. This means additional information from a variety of sources can be used, or errors corrected.  To edit a topic or item click on the Edit hyperlink. The name of the last editor is displayed alongside the creator of the topic.You can also view previous versions of the item or topic.

If you can't edit a particular Topic this is becasue it is a Locked Basket and only the creator can make changes. You can still send an email to the creator though, and explain what you think should be changed or added.


If you believe a topic or item is offensive then you can flag it for review by the administration team by clicking on the Report hyperlink. You will asked to briefly explain why you believe an Administrator needs to review it.

If a record contains errors or bad grammar or spelling then please feel free to go and fix it!

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