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Lessen Play Reading as part of Self Serve at Bats Wednesday, Jan. 14, 7pm

Come and see Lessen by Lori Leigh (On Intimacy, June 2008) read as part of Self Serve at Bats this Wednesday at 7pm.  Lessen stars Gene Alexander, Eli Kent, and Alison Walls and is directed by Jacqui Coats.  

Self Serve features a week of 6 new plays:

Tuesday, Fun Shy by Paul Rothwell (Office Palms, November 2007)

Wednesday, Lessen by Lori Leigh

Thursday, Pink Tea by Matthew Saville

Friday, Providence by Louise Tu'u

Saturday, Playtime by Eli Kent and Severed Heads by Melissa Pentecost

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Lessen Play Reading

Start Date:2009-01-14
Start Time:7:00pm
End Date:8:30pm
Street Address:Bats