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Audition notice for February 2008 Six O'clock Swill.

The Six O'clock Swill is happy to announce auditions for its February installment. Send us an email or give us a ring if you are interested in being considered for any of the following:

Two short plays from Neil LaBute's "Autobahn" collection, directed by Walter McGinnis

Bench Seat - A trip to lovers lookout.
Girl - In her early twenties. Has worked instead of going to university. Charming, able to drive a conversation. Appears naive, but one never knows.
Guy - In his mid to late twenties. A grad student. Makes his living as a tutor. Does he have an ulterior motive?

Merge - A man and a woman in an expensive car. He is asking her questions about what she remembers from the night before.
Woman - A business professional. Around her mid-40's. Evasive.
Man - Her husband. Suspicious of his wife's story. Possibly a good bit younger than his wife.

Two new works written and directed by Thom McGrath:

Tie and Mirror
The Groom - Male. Late twenties, well presented. Naive and light-hearted, yet reasonably self assured.
The Best Man - Male. Thirties, unpresentable. Obnoxious and two faced. Selfish and a bad sportsman in 'the game of life'.
The Caterer - Male. Twenties - Thirties. A sports fanatic making ends meet on a dead end job. A friend of The Best Man and similarly inconsiderate.

George - Male. Retired widower. Enjoys travelling and smoking. Wants to make one last expedition before he accepts his age and becomes a recloose.
Omar - Male. Slightly younger than George. An old friend of George's who has come to stay with him and cheer him up after George's wife past away. Enjoys fishing and geography.

Auditions will be scheduled by appointment for Saturday the 19th. If you can't make that day, please let us know.

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Auditions for February Swillage

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